Sales Soar As Advertising & Marketing Companies See Value in Professional Leaflet Distribution

Defenda Leaflet Distribution is experiencing sales increases of over 300% as more & more marketing companies & advertising agencies turn to leaflet delivery in their search for new ways to spread their clients’ message.

Defenda Leaflet Distribution is a direct marketing company based in the Midlands, which provides leaflet distribution services throughout the UK. All distribution work is carried out by our own teams of distributors and unlike many of the ‘leaflet distribution brokers’ that are springing up and passing work to un-vetted distribution companies around the country, we take full responsibility for your delivery & ensure the work is undertaken to the very highest standards.


Leaflet distribution provided by a professional company is not only a sure way to generate enquiries & sales, but is often infinitely more targetable & far less costly than a newspaper advertising campaign.

Promoting sales through leaflets has long been a preference amongst pizza companies & other fast food chains, but is rapidly growing more popular amongst a far more diverse clientele: with many customers reporting that ‘if they had only known how effective it was, they would have done it years ago’.

On the negative side, others have said that: ‘in the past they had used other distribution companies that had not delivered their leaflets & had not found it an effective means of promoting their business’. Bad experiences due to selecting the wrong distribution partner are hampering many organisations in their drive for additional business & we urge anyone that has tried leaflet distribution to poor effect in the past to contact us. We are confident that our transparent, professional service will restore their confidence in this exceptionally effective advertising method.

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Coventry Leaflet Distribution With Affluence Planning

As a leading Coventry Leaflet Distribution Company, we are often approached by customers wishing to plan a campaign for a product or service which appeals to a particular group based on affluency. Utilising the latest mapping software and financial information we are capable of mapping a clients campaign to ensure we are hitting the exact demographic which is most likely to respond to their offering.

DEFENDA DISTRIBUTION - A Coventry Leaflet Distributor That Offers More Than Just Door Drop Services

DEFENDA DISTRIBUTION – A Coventry Leaflet Distributor That Offers More Than Just Door Drop Services

If you are thinking about running a leaflet campaign or product sampling to increase sales or awareness contact us to discuss its pre-planning to maximise its success.

We also offer affluency planning for other organisations needing up-to-date geographical finance mapping services.

We work with all industry sectors including: Planners, Newspapers and even other leaflet distributors across the UK to help them organise effective campaigns for their clients. Our Head Office is located in Coventry and prospective customers are more than welcome to visit our offices to start the planning of their marketing activities. Call us on 024 76 465000 or email:


After seeing a spike in sales through embarking on a successful leaflet campaign with us, you may be pleased to know that our Sister Company, Defenda Couriers can help you save on shipping the goods you have sold.


Whether you need a Parcel delivered next working day or a pallet load of goods through a pallet network or in a dedicated vehicle from their large fleet, Defenda Couriers will almost always be able to save you both money and a lot of headaches.

Operating Nationally & Internationally from their base in Coventry they can be contacted on 024 76466000 or visit their website @

Leaflet Distribution In South Warwickshire Towns & Villages

Want to Target your Leaflet Distribution or Product Sample Marketing activities to Towns & Villages in Warwickshire?

We can help you build a successful Direct Marketing Campaign in Warwickshire or any other UK County.

Traditionally difficult to reach areas with a Direct Mail Campaign, such as rural areas of Warwickshire, are now figuring highly on the must hit lists of many leading UK Companies. Here at Defenda Distribution we have been helping forward thinking businesses target these affluent areas for many years. With high levels of disposable income – residents of outlying areas are overlooked to the detriment of those with luxury or high value products to sell. Our specialist distribution services are the ideal solution for any organisation requiring help in establishing how best to market to these potential customers.

If you need Leaflet Distribution in Towns such as: Kenilworth, Warwick, Leamington, long itchington or Stratford call us or visit our offices to discuss how we can help. Tel: Coventry 024 76465000 We can also cover all of the smaller villages within the South Warwickshire area where required.

Photograph: Defenda Leaflet Distribution carrying out a Leaflet Delivery in Kenilworth


Coventry Leaflet Distribution Complements Online Marketing

Here at Coventry based Defenda Leaflet Distribution we are seeing more and more clients combining our Live GPS Tracked Leaflet Delivery Services with their own online promotions to good effect.


Customers are increasingly realising that their Marketing Activities do not have to be one or the other. A properly planned leaflet distribution campaign combined with a push using Social Media, Google Adwords or other online or website based promotion can be extremely helpful in building both product awareness and increased sales.

Our customer accessible LIVE TRACKING also means that you can actually watch your leaflets being delivered whilst it is actually happening by logging on through our password protected web portal. Very reassuring for any companies that have experienced less than satisfactory service from other distribution companies in the past.

Planning Your Campaign

We also use the latest technology to help customers plan a campaign from the outset identifying what demographic they wish to target and the household count for the areas they wish to have covered.

For information on how we can help you formulate a successful Door to Door marketing campaign please call us on 024 76465000 or email us

Oxfordshire Leaflet Delivery Job Brings Unexpected Bonus

red kiteA recent Leaflet Distribution job in Oxfordshire produced all of the usual benefits for the client, such as a peak in enquiries for their goods – leading to increased sales. It also however, brought our staff into contact with numerous Red Kites that seem to be thriving in the County after a reintroduction campaign was launched some years ago. Whatever your thoughts on the reintroduction it is hard not to be impressed by this large spectacular bird.

If you require Leaflet Distribution in Oxfordshire or anywhere else for that matter please call to discuss your planned campaign on 024 76 465000.


Full GPS TRACKED Oxfordshire Leaflet Delivery Only. Or More If You Need It.

Defenda Leaflet Distribution provides leaflet delivery services to both urban & rural locations ensuring you maximise sales from your target areas. We are happy to work with you from an early stage to help develop your preferred customer demographic profile and household counts within your chosen areas.