Leaflet Distribution Prices

Leaflet Distribution Prices — Leaflet Delivery Guide Prices, Services & Minimum Quantities Below.

DEFENDA LEAFLET DISTRIBUTION have been active in magazine & newspaper distribution since 1996 & leaflet distribution since 2001. We have helped countless customers to develop effective campaigns and our highly competitive leaflet distribution prices have allowed their execution with the maximum efficiency. We have, and continue to work with clients of all sizes: from those requiring blanket coverage involving hundreds of thousands of leaflets to those requiring highly targeted distribution of just a couple of thousand leaflets or even when required hundreds.

Leaflet Distribution Prices for Rural or Urban Deliveries

Defenda offer rural or urban leaflet distribution with campaign mapping & planning.

Unlike most other circular distribution or leaflet distribution companies, we can provide a high level of support, running from the conception to completion of a customer’s campaign. The level of our involvement along with the type of area to be covered will determine the price per 1000 (ppk).

For customers providing their own ready printed leaflets, where our only involvement is to ensure the accurate distribution of the item to Coventry & Warwickshire or other West Midlands postcodes the price per 1000 starts from just £35.00 + Vat

Leaflet Distribution Prices & Services For Coventry & Warwickshire (all services are LIVE GPS TRACKED and allow you as the customer to monitor your delivery in real-time through our web portal)

Solus Leaflet Distribution £POA
(A single piece of marketing material)This is by far the most effective type of distribution as your message is not lost amongst any accompanying leaflets. It also gives you greater control over the timing of your distribution run, allowing you to tie it in with other marketing and promotional activities you may have planned.

Shared Leaflet Distribution £POA/1000
Yours and up to three other non-competing pieces of marketing material. This is the maximum number of leaflets we will distribute and of course it will dilute the advertising message you are sending. However, for companies that are relaxed over the timing of the delivery of their material it does represent a very low cost option, and if the production quality and message on the leaflet is strong and striking it can provide really good value for money.

Shared FlexiDrop Leaflet Distribution £35.00/1000
Our FlexiDrop Service of up to four non-competing leaflets is the perfect solution for those looking to control their distribution costs. Of course as you have less control over the timing & geography of the distribution area it is best suited to clients who are providing products or services with mass appeal.

Business2Business £POA/1000
Business distribution to retail or industrial premises is only provided on a solus basis. Find out more here

Prices where quoted are based on delivery of a single A5 leaflet. The type of item and geographic location will ultimately determine price i.e. whether it is a leaflet, booklet, magazine or product sample.

For leaflet distribution prices or to discuss a leaflet delivery strategy – call us Monday – Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm to discuss your needs – Tel: 024 76 465000

Email: info@defendadistribution.co.uk

Prices will be based on the type of item to be delivered e.g. Weight and the housing density. When quoting we will consider which type your target area falls into from the list below.

Extra Urban
Extra Rural

Customers requiring menu delivery, product sample delivery, delivery of flyers, newspaper distribution, magazine or leaflet delivery in Kenilworth, Warwick, Leamington Spa, Nuneaton, Bedworth, Exhall, Atherstone, Balsall Common, Solihull or other areas please contact us for details.

Important Information about Product Sample Distribution For: Coventry, Leamington, Warwick, Rugby, Nuneaton, Solihull & Stratford on Avon.

We can provide distribution of standard product samples to addresses throughout The West Midlands & Warwickshire, but will need extended notice for food items and clear instructions about the required treatment of such items. Any perishable goods needing to be distributed in one of our temperature controlled vehicles will need to be booked & paid for at least 8 weeks prior to the distribution commencement date.