Should you invest in Leaflet Distribution or Newspaper Advertising?

The answer to the above question doesn’t have a definitive answer of course, but many marketers are seeing the benefits of designating large portions of their advertising / marketing budgets for use on leaflet distribution. This re-directing of advertising budgets seems set to increase as circulation for both regional & national newspapers continues to plummet and the value of advertising in them falls accordingly.

Not so many years ago regional press boasted extremely high penetration figures for their core circulation areas, which made them an obvious choice for many advertisers, but those days have now passed, and despite the fall in readership a corresponding drop in their advertising rates has not followed, it must be said.

The smart business & marketing professional is of course still keen to find effective, good value alternative ways to put his or her company’s proposition in front of potential clients; quality leaflet distribution is the answer to many of their prayers. Once the poor brother to other mediums, leaflet distribution is experiencing a resurgence with a new breed of professional direct marketing personnel at the helm — bringing new levels of accountability & credibility to the discipline. More targeted than free newspapers and certainly kinder on budgets than ‘paid for’ regional press it’s an increasingly popular alternative.